Welcome to Bone Hodler doghouse, degens.  Bone Hodler is the name under which we create and share our crypto canine cartoons and other artwork. It was adopted from the main cartoon character to be the pseudonymous public identity of the project. The introduction below gives a brief background on how Bone Hodler started, our art, and other details plus info on custom art, collabs, requests, and other fun stuff.

Crypto cartoon dog shoey in rugby locker room

Crypto Cartoon Fun

The Bone Hodler identity and socials were created as a platform through which to share our original crypto cartoon artwork, featuring the Bone Hodler cartoon character.  Just for fun! And Bone Hodler is definitely all about fun, not finance. To make sure we cross all the t’s and dot the i’s (we love dots), content shared by Bone Hodler is not financial advice. Always DYOR. See our Terms of Use for detailed info, including our full Disclaimer.

Getting to Know Bone Hodler

Most of the Bone Hodler action is live and interactive on our socials.  At present, the primary locations where Bone Hodler shares new content and artwork are Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is our main platform, but we also post some of our art to Instagram.  Yeah, we know how some of you feel about Facebook and its cousin Instagram. Because Bone Hodler is into visual sharing, we’ve included profiles on these platforms as brand placeholders even though they’re not crypto community favourites. Feel free to give them a miss if they’re not your thing and join us elsewhere.

Help Us Hodl (and Create)

Want to buy a Bone Hodler? Sorry, but we don’t currently sell any of our hodler-themed artwork in traditional formats or as NFTs. That might change in the future, so keep an eye on our socials. Bone Hodler art is primarily created for sharing. Twitter is our primary platform.  If you follow us there, you’ll see our new cartoons and get a heads up on projects, gifts, community work, or special collaborations we might be working on. An awesome way to give us a belly rub is to to follow our socials, like, reply, and/or share our posts.  Thanks, frens! Bone Hodler is a social animal.

Another great way to help is by supporting projects that include Bone Hodler artwork and collabs. Although we haven’t yet (hint hint) released any solo NFT projects with our favourite crypto dog or other feature subjects, we’ve collaborated and gifted artwork to numerous NFT collections and communities. Follow our socials to keep your paw on the pulse for upcoming releases. Twitter is the best place to get the latest Bone Hodler news.

Collaborations and Requests

Bone Hodler is open to considering both general requests and private collaborations. If you’d like us to consider featuring your organisation in future drawings or have other suggestions, let’s chat.  We also consider special commissions on a case-by-case basis.  Looking for a collab on a special project or NFT release and think Bone Hodler’s style of art might be a fit? Reach out and drop us a pitch. 

Special Collaborations and Project Teams

Are you a project lead or fellow creative with a awesome collaboration idea? Interested in collaborating with Bone Hodler for a special project or NFT release?  Send us your pitch and let’s chat. Who knows what sort of magic we might create together if everything gels. 

Custom Requests and Commissions

Are you a crypto entity or project representative with a special commission idea? Contact us to discuss the details of your project and your pitch. The Dalmatian in our Bone Hodler cartoons is a favourite personal subject, but we draw and create many other forms and styles of artwork, too. 

Other Requests and Suggestions

Are you a follower with a fab idea for Bone Hodler? Funny crypto puns for our clever crypto canine? Begging us to include your favourite crypto project in a future drawing? Drop a comment somewhere on our socials. We’ll put your ideas into the suggestion box for potential future cartoons. This invitation applies to project reps and brands, too. Unless it’s a special commission or collaboration, all you need to do is give us permission to include your brand assets in future drawings, if we’re interested. No fees, just cartoon artwork that might include your brand. As simple as that. 

Per our Copyright Policy, Bone Hodler endeavours to feature logos, icons, and other brand assets that are permitted for use (public domain, Creative Commons classification, or similar) or otherwise encouraged by the organisation. Many crypto entities encourage respectful use and benefit from free promotion through decentralised community support. Misunderstandings or changes in brand asset policy are always possible though. We are happy to remove a drawing from our website/media if a featured entity requests. Please contact us with concerns or questions.

Additional Info

See the FAQs below for common questions about Bone Hodler and our artwork. If you have additional questions or want to talk with us about an idea or special request, please get in touch via email or through our socials. Thanks for your interest and for supporting Bone Hodler and our art.  Follow @BoneHodler on social media for fresh drawings, updates, news, and more. Twitter is currently our fav and most frequent.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Bone Hodler identity comes from the main character of our cartoons to be the the name under which our artwork is created and shared. Bone Hodler is the nickname given to the dog in our cartoons. He is a fictional character, loosely inspired by a real dog and style by imagination. His owner prefers to be the pseudonymous creator and sharer of the Bone Hodler art,  quietly busy sketching and working behind the scenes, assisted by other collaborators and supporters. 

Sorry, but we don’t currently sell any of our personal Bone Hodler artwork, in traditional or NFT format. As noted above, that might change in the future though, so watch for updates on our socials. Following @Bonehodler on Twitter is a great way to stay on top of our latest news.

If Bone Hodler does launch our own NFT project(s) in the future, we’ll still keep on sharing lots of fun cartoons completely free on our socials. Supporting us on social media with follows, likes, and comments will help keep us fuelled for creating and sharing. See the Help Us Hodl (and Create) section above for more information on how you can support Bone Hodler and our art.

Bone Hodler art is primarily created for sharing, and we do most of our sharing on social media. Twitter is our primary platform.  If you follow us there, you’ll see our new cartoons and get a heads up on projects, gifts, community work, or special collaborations we might be working on.

We sure do! Slide into our DMs and let us know what you’re thinking. See the Collaborations and Requests section above for more information, and get in touch via email or social media with your idea, suggestion, or special request. 

That depends. We love social media shares and retweets (that’s what fuels Bone Hodler) but if you’d like to use one of our drawings for another purpose, you should take a look at our Copyright Policy for more details. Get in touch if you have questions or special requests.