What’s that, anon? Before you wander across the wall, take note that the BoneHodler website uses some limited forms of cookies and/or data to support format and function. Although our website uses third-party data for functionality and analytics, you’re welcome to visit anonymously.Β  Visitors who don’t want to share data or have cookies set should activate their personal privacy settings before visiting. Privacy settings may affect UX, including function, format, or appearance. For additional privacy awareness, @BoneHodler is also active on external socials with their own separate policies that should be reviewed.Β Β 

Privacy Laws and Frameworks

BoneHodler is New Zealand based and operates under New Zealand regulations, requirements, and legal frameworks.  BoneHodler abides by the The Privacy Act 2020 as the governance framework for privacy and data in New Zealand.  This Privacy Policy supports our compliance by providing detailed information on how we apply the Principles of the Privacy Act in practice. 

For our visitors, this Privacy Policy explains how data may be collected or used on this website, our social accounts, and in other associated activities.  By accessing or using the BoneHodler website (and any associated content), you agree to be bound by the BoneHodler Terms of Use, including this Privacy Policy.  

Personal Privacy Options

We value our privacy and we respect yours. After all, BoneHodler is a pseudonymous identity.  If you prefer to keep your browsing activity private, that’s completely ok with us. Opt-out and privacy options include using  blocking browser, blocker extensions and services, customisation of browser settings, and/or cleansing the cookies in your browser. Whatever your personal privacy preference may be, you should apply these settings in advance and be aware that your UX format or function may be affected.

Personal Data

BoneHodler does not directly collect any individual information or personal data. Unless you choose to interact with us in a more personal way, data is limited to the third-party tools used to deliver, secure, and improve our website. Unless there is a glitch or an issue, no one at BoneHodler really accesses or reviews any of these tools with actual eyes on any stats or other information.

Elsewhere, if you contact us via direct private message (DM) these can be deleted by you at any time, platform permitting. Emails can be deleted from our system on your request and we won’t add you to a mailing list, spam you, or voluntarily share your details if you’ve contacted us. Special exceptions apply in the very unlikely situation where disclosure is legally necessary or we are legally compelled, such providing information to the New Zealand Police, Security Intelligence Services, or other lawful authorities.

Website Data

This website uses third-party services that may collect data and/or set cookies when you visit. Basic data helps with UX formatting for different devices and viewports, performance, navigation, and other functions to make the website user-friendly.  Data may also be used for analytics through non-personally identifying information, like volume and traffic flows. Third-party services operate under different individual privacy policies. Current tools include Siteground (Privacy Policy), WordPress (Privacy Policy), Shield (Privacy Policy), Yoast (Privacy Policy), and Google Analytics (Privacy Policy).

Social Platforms

Much of BoneHodler’s activity is on our socials (@BoneBodler) rather than here on the website. Each social platform, associated website, and/or app will have their own access requirements and corresponding policies. Refer to the social platforms that you use for information about their privacy policies and other terms. We don’t control their privacy policies and practices for data collection, storage, or use. We’re general users, just like you. 

External Links

If you access an external site using a link from here or our socials, the destination website or application will have its own privacy policy. We’re not responsible for these policies or practices. Accessing any external links and applications is completely at your own risk. Browse with caution. As a matter of safety and security rather than just privacy, take care with your devices, your settings, downloads, apps, and links. This is especially important if you use common devices for any financial or other secure functions.

Last Revision: 03/07/2024

Please review this Privacy Policy page periodically for changes. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, modify, revise, or replace our Privacy Policy. Your continued use constitutes your acceptance of the Privacy Policy changes and corresponding new Terms of Use.Β  If you have futher questions or concerns, please contact us.