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Copyright Laws and Agreements

This website and all associated original Bone Hodler content (shared via this website, associated social accounts, and other means as may apply) are owned by Bone Hodler under the Artistic Works classification of New Zealand copyright law. This grants Bone Hodler default exclusive rights in relation to all Bone Hodler artwork. Please see below for details on how we apply these rights, exceptions, which rights we retain, and which permissions we grant for authority for use.

These rights are protected by New Zealand and international copyrights, and other applicable intellectual property or proprietary rights laws. New Zealand copyright is governed by the Copyright Act. You can read more about New Zealand copyright law via the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office. It is important to note that international copyright agreements also maintain our copyright in other jurisdictions around the world. You can read more about international copyrights via the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Bone Hodler Copyright and Exceptions

Unless otherwise identified and/or credited, the Bone Hodler is the creator and copyright owner of the original content on this website, associated social accounts, and other formats (NFTs, digital stickers, prints, etc). See the important third-party work exception whereby rights associated with featured logos and icons remain with the owner of the marks and brand assets. 

As the creator and copyright owner, Bone Hodler reserves the rights to reproduce the artwork or elements thereof; prepare derivative works based upon the original artwork or elements thereof; distribute copies of the artwork or elements thereof; display the artwork or elements thereof personally or publicly; commercial use of the artwork or elements thereof, and all other uses as may apply.  

Some of these rights are exclusively reserved, while others have authorities for use, as explained and granted in the Ccopyright Policy information below.  These copyright terms are applied part of our formal Terms of Use and constitute Bone Hodler’s copyright defaults for all creative works. Where Bone Hodler artwork is created for a special purpose, any variations to the default terms will be agreed with the project or collaborators.  

We do not reserve all rights.  Copyright policies are a harsh reality in the digital world, but ultimately Bone Hodler exists to create and share. We aim to mirror the open and collaborative spirit of the crypto subjects in our artwork.  Refer to the usage considerations below.

Crypto Cartoon REKT Bitcoin Pirate Dog with Parrot

Social Media Retweets and Other Shares

Many of the Bone Holder artworks are created and shared freely on our socials. If you like what you see on our socials, please retweet and share. Sharing is what fuels Bone Hodler, along with crypto and coffee. Creating for an audience is why we started Bone Hodler, and Twitter is our primary platform. We might someday add an optional link to let you shout us a coffee or tip, but for now your retweets, likes, and support are all we need. 

Use of Our Artwork and Other Visuals

Time, effort, and resources go into creating Bone Hodler’s artwork. A lot of what we create is freely shared on our socials, or gifted to crypto communities elsewhere. Please don’t re-use Bone Hodler artwork without credit. Give us those sweet retweets and tagged @bonehodler credits.

You are not permitted to redistribute our artwork using other methods without prior authorisation. Use of Bone Hodler artwork for stock imagery and/or any other forms of redistribution (digital, print, product, or otherwise) are all expressly forbidden unless specific permission has been requested and granted. Please contact Bone Hodler with requests to seek case-by-case permission for special purpose use.  See exceptions below.

Special Formats Intended for Reuse

Where Bone Hodler artwork is provided in a special format intended for reuse, such as a Telegram sticker pack, permissions apply as intended by the platform and provision. For example, posting Telegram stickers created by Bone Holder for a project or community within Telegram chats is within the intended use.  Downloading the files for other uses or redistribution elsewhere is not. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) 

Where Bone Hodler artwork is sold in NFT form or otherwise, copyright does not transfer with sale unless explicitly agreed.  Exceptions to these terms may apply. These will be applied on a case by-case basis. If unstated, by default, the buyer is only entitled to personal (non-commercial) enjoyment of the purchased NFT or artwork while in her/her ownership. No further rights are granted. The creator retains copyright ownership over the source artwork and elements therein in accordance with standard copyright laws for artistic works unless explicitly agreed otherwise. 

Note that Bone Hodler considers the public display of an NFT by the owner as a profile picture (PFP) for social media as acceptable personal use activity. Similarly, sharing an image of a purchased NFT(s) with clear credit to the source project and/or artists in social posts is also acceptable personal use, especially when supporting or promoting the project. Drop a @bonehodler tag in there so we can give your tweet some love.

Other Special Cases

Where Bone Hodler artwork is created for a special purpose, any variations to these copyright terms will be agreed with the project or collaborators.  Otherwise, the defaults above apply to the Bone Hodler artwork.

Brands and Brand Assets

Bone Hodler does not provide any form of warranty or guarantee that any of our drawings are permitted or releasable for use in relation to any included third-party content. As an important note regarding the use of logos and icons (detailed below), although we make an effort to featured only allowable brand assets, errors or changes in policy are always possible. If you choose to share or use one of our drawings, you do so completely at your own risk per our Terms of Use. If you are asked by an organisation to amend or delete a Bone Hodler drawing that you’ve shared, please contact us so that we can either make any required changes on our end or remove the original post or file. 

There is no real or implied association with the collateral use of logos and icons from featured projects companies, firms, or other entities in Bone Hodler artwork, unless actively disclosed or as part of a special collaboration, per our Terms of Use and Disclosure. If you would like to see your project or brand featured in future Bone Hodler drawings, see the Collaborations section of our About page for more information. 

Official Logos, Icons and Brand Assets

Any featured brands, logos, icons, or similar are simply descriptive elements within the broader Bone Hodler creative process. Bone Hodler is our way of sharing (hopefully) entertaining cartoons that include aspects of current events, celebrating crypto, promoting others, and featuring interesting entities.  Our cartoons are a mixture of visual commentary, humour, and social dialogue through artistic expression, with the intent of abiding by fair usage provisions of the logos or icons on any identified products or services. 

Official logos and icons used in Bone Hodler sketches are typically sourced from the publicly available resources offered by the corresponding entity or similar. To suit the cartoon aesthetic, sometimes representations are drawn instead of using a ready-made resource. We endeavour to abide by brandbooks and branding guidelines, where available, at the time an artwork is created. Many crypto entities actively encourage sharing and respectful use. After all, it’s free promotion through decentralised community support.  

We make an effort to only use assets that are categorised as public domain, released under a suitable Creative Commons classification or similar, where the organisation has indicated usage is allowed on their website or elsewhere, or otherwise encouraged community use. Still, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, errors, or changes in brand asset policy are always possible. If your project or brand has been featured in a Bone Hodler drawing and you would like to be removed or amended, please contact us. We’ll remove that image from our website and Bone Hodler socials, and replace the featured item before re-sharing an updated version.

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