Well, hello there, new frens. Before you dive in, you’ll need to sniff the details. Please read these Terms of Use before using this website, engaging with BoneHodler on social platforms, or with any of our content/artwork anywhere. These Terms of Use also incorporate the BoneHodler Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy and those should be reviewed as part of this agreement.  In brief, as along as you don’t steal our artwork or misbehave, take personal responsibility for your security, understand that our website uses some data, and know that cartoon dogs never give financial advice in any form, we can probably be pals. But you should read the full details to make sure you understand and accept all of the Terms and Policies before you carry on. Thanks!

Crypto cartoon of a dog in a bathtug with jokes about looking clean and bubbles

Agreement to Terms

By viewing and using this website (and any associated BoneHodler content here or elsewhere), you agree to these Terms of Use. Please take the time to review these Terms in full, including Policies, before continuing to engage with our content.

These Terms of Use explain the legal aspects of the BoneHodler website, associated BoneHodler accounts (email, social accounts, and similar), and all BoneHodler creative content (artwork, cartoons, graphics, materials, and similar). Links to detailed policies and external resources are also provided to support your understanding and acceptance of these Terms of Use.  

These Terms of Use constitute an agreement between you (the user, also referred to as you, your, and similar) and us (BoneHodler, also referred to as website, owner, artist, creator, we, us, good doge, and similar).  By continuing to access this website, our artwork, and/or engaging in any other interactions with BoneHodler (including accounts or content on social platforms), you will be deemed to agree to and be bound by these Terms. 

These Terms of Use incorporate the Bone Hodler Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.  Both policies are made a part of these Terms of Use by this reference. You should review these Terms of Use and Policies periodically to be aware of any changes, as continuing access or use will be deemed as your acceptance. The revision date will be annotated at the bottom of the associated pages.

Location and Jurisdiction

BoneHodler is New Zealand based. All associated activities operate New Zealand regulations, requirements, and legal frameworks. You agree to exclusive New Zealand jurisdiction as part of your acceptance of these Terms of Use.

All associated activities (including this agreement to Terms of Use) will be governed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or effect of these Terms of Use, use of our website, or other BoneHodler related content must be resolved exclusively within the New Zealand legal system. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts and waive any right to object to proceedings being brought in the jurisdiction of those courts. 

User Conduct

Thanks in advance for not being a jerk, scammer, etc. We prefer not having to sic the doge on anyone. By continuing your access, you agree not to interact with this website for any purpose or in any manner that is unlawful. The same goes for any BoneHodler content shared on our socials or elsewhere. You must also agree not to engage in any conduct that is likely to impair or cause damage to the operation of this website, damage to the BoneHodler brand reputation, or other conduct that is likely to cause harm or offence to BoneHolder, our project partners, or the broader public. You also agree not to steal or misuse our artwork in any way, shape, or format. Please refer to the Copyright Policy for more information on using (and not abusing) BoneHodler artwork.


You assume all responsibility and risks arising in relation to your use of this website, associated social platforms, other locations where you may interact with BoneHodler or our content, and the internet in general. We do not make any warranty that this website or any associated elements (including social accounts or content) will be error free, without interruption or delay, free from defects in design, free from viruses or malicious code, free of security risks, or other. 

You are solely responsible for ensuring that the methods that you employ for accessing the website, any associated social platforms, external links you choose to visit from those locations, or any and all other activities do not expose your system or device(s) to the risk of interference or damage.  Wherever and however you explore, always take care with your security, devices, software/apps, and settings. This is especially important if you use common devices for any financial or other secure functions.


In accepting these Terms of Use, you are deemed to have accepted the Privacy Policy.  It describes data on the BoneHodler website, how that data is protected, as well as relevant social platforms and external tools with links to their privacy information. Data is primarily used for the format, function, and security of our website, as well as basic analytics.

Disclosures and Disclaimers

We’ve chosen to defer any advertising or referrals on this website, but may revisit and reserve the option to do so within our Terms of Use. If such a change is made, we will update our Disclosures accordingly. Disclaimers and Limitations are as detailed below.


BoneHodler disclaims and fully excludes all liability (including for negligence) for any claim, loss, demand or damages of any kind arising from or in connection with the use of either this website, associated social accounts, or any of the information, content, materials, artwork, or links that may be shared or accessed via those sources. In agreeing to these Terms of Use, you agree to indemnify BoneHolder and all associated representatives against all claims, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses (including legal fees).

BoneHodler content is created and shared for entertainment only. You should not rely on any material or content created or shared by BoneHodler as the basis for legal, business, investment, or any other decisions. BoneHodler does not provide any form of professional or financial advice. Whether you find our content entertaining is a matter of personal taste and also not guaranteed, but we dare to hope… Good doges? Rub our bellies by retweeting, liking, and tagging our social shares. Thanks!

The BoneHodler website and associated social accounts exist for the sharing of (hopefully) entertaining artwork and cartoons created by BoneHodler. Because we joke about crypto and other matters, it’s important to stress that our content does not provide any form of financial advice. BoneHodler (whether the artist or the dog or both) is not a financial advisor or finance professional. Any information on this website and/or associated social accounts is shared for only for fun and entertainment, and is not intended as investment or financial advice. You should always conduct your own research and due diligence before making any investment decisions, and seek professional investment or financial advice as may be appropriate to your special circumstances. Always DYOR.

  • We make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, reliability, availability, suitability, or other regarding any information/content on this website, our social accounts, BoneHodler content/engagement elsewhere, or as many be found by following any link on this website, our social accounts, or through other BoneHodler content/engagement. 
  • BoneHodler will not be liable for any actions or inactions after reading, viewing, or otherwise engaging with this website or any other location where our content may be posted, shared, used, or otherwise made accessible by BoneHodler or by others.
  • Per our Copyright Policy, although we make an effort to feature only allowable brand assets, errors or changes in brand asset policy are always possible. BoneHodler does not provide any form of warranty or guarantee that any of our drawings are permitted or releasable for any form of use in relation to any included third-party content. If you choose to share or use one of our drawings, you do so completely at your own risk.
  • Anything shared or featured in BoneHolder content or posts is purely for entertainment only. BoneHodler does not provide any form of professional or financial advice. BoneHodler material will never constitute and must not be misconstrued as a recommendation to purchase or trade crypto tokens, currency, or products.
  • Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about product, service, brand, or similar that may be featured in our content, otherwise shared by BoneHodler, or content by others interacted with by BoneHodler on social accounts should always be verified directly with the applicable project, manufacturer, supplier and/or provider as may be applicable. Always DYOR. Any warranty claims, defects, issues, or disputes must be raised and dealt with directly with the relevant source.
  • Humour is subjective. We hope you laugh or smile, but not everyone will. That’s just the way it goes. Any content, information, views, or opinions expressed (whether through words or artwork) are not intended to in any way malign, defame, libel, insult, humiliate, or otherwise offend or harm any project, group, organisation, brand, company, or individual.
  • We are not responsible for comments made on BoneHodler social posts or content in posts originating from others. Where platforms allow, we reserve the right to delete these at our discretion and without notice. They may also be flagged and/or removed by the platforms or platform moderators, outside of BoneHodler’s control and discretion.
  • BoneHodler makes no warranty or representation as to continuity of access. We reserve the right to suspend, terminate or otherwise alter access to some or all content at any time and without notice. See Status and Revisions below.

Status and Revisions

We reserve the right to add to, modify, or remove this website (and any associated social accounts) or any content, information, feature, specification, or other element of BoneHodler’s online or offline activity at any time and without notice.

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and without notice.  The date of last revision will be noted at the bottom of the pages. You should review these Terms and associated Policies periodically to be aware of any such changes. Continued access or use will be deemed as your acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.

Should BoneHodler choose not to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms of Use, this does not serve as a waiver of such right or provision.  Severability applies to all Terms of Use.  If any provision or part of a provision is void or unenforceable in a specific circumstance or jurisdiction, that provision or part of the provision is deemed severable from these Terms and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Last Revision: 5/07/2024

Please review periodically for changes. BoneHodler reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to update, modify, revise, or replace our Terms of Use by posting updated Terms and/or updated supporting Policies. Your continued use constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Use.  If you have futher questions or concerns, please contact us.